Dispensary & Smoke Shop Supply

As your most reliable one-stop supply shop, Dispensary Necessities also offers smoke shop supplies at affordable wholesale pricing. We carry a wide range of the industry’s top brands and most wanted products at cost-effective prices.

Both big and small smoke shop retailers get their metal grinders, atomizers, vape cartridges, vaporizer pen kits, and other processing and handling supplies from us. We have what your customers need and want and we can supply you with products that sell fast. Among the most sought-after products we offer are button-less vaporizer cartridges in different sizes, colored metal grinders with catcher, and ceramic vaporizer kits. We also carry vaporizer pens and batteries from the well-respected Stay+Lit brand.

For your health conscious buyers, vaping herb is the way to go. Stock on vaporizers in various makes and models including metal, glass, and plastic and offer them plenty of choices. We have the right tools for vaporizing buds and vaporizing oils. Wax and dry herb atomizers, replacement coils, dabbing tools, and child-resistant vape cartridge containers are also included in our inventory of quality smoke shop supplies.

Also available are simple and multi-chamber grinders that can effectively break buds up into smaller pieces to fit in rolling papers and blunt wraps and deliver a smoother smoke. The well-loved Santa Cruz Shredder with “teeth” that won’t dull and release flakes are available here.

At Dispensary Necessities, you can likewise find ultra-thin papers for smoking tobacco and herbs. Our rolling papers are available in many different shapes and sizes to accommodate every smoker’s preference. From single wide papers to 110mm long king size papers, we have what you need to give your customers a perfect smoking experience. Quality blunt wraps from top brands like Cyclone, High Hemp, and Kingpin are also available. Vegan wraps, tobacco-free wraps, slow-burning wraps can also be bought here at Dispensary Necessities.

Take a look at what we have to offer and stock your store with enough high-quality and interesting products that will bring you more opportunities to upsell. Have the right assortment of smoke shop supplies and keep your customers browsing in store longer and making more impulse buys.

Dispensary Necessities aim to provide you with a full-service, support-oriented wholesale supplier experience. The latest and the greatest supplies in the herb market are right here and you can get them at reasonable prices. Order online and get your supplies quickly and conveniently. Purchase $200 worth of items and get free shipping!

  • Tamper Evident Label for Small Containers

    Tamper Evident Label for Small Containers 1000 Count

    Protect product integrity by using tamper evident labels. These anti-tamper labels are designed to provide security and peace of mind knowing that products were not subjected to unauthorized access or fraudulent activity. With a tamper-evident seal or...

  • Tamper Evident Label - Universal

    Tamper Evident Label - Universal 1000 Count

    Make sure your products are protected by using tamper-proof labels. These small but useful sticker labels help deter label switching, product contamination, unauthorized opening or other forms of fraudulent activity. This versatile tamper evident...

  • CA Medicinal "M" Emergency Regulation Label 1000 Count

    Proper labeling is important in maintaining compliance in California, a state that have legalized the “herb.” Dispensary Necessities has what you need to get your goods compliantly labeled. Here is the Compliance Label “M” for...

  • CA Prop 65 Emergency Regulation Compliant Label

    CA Prop 65 Emergency Regulation Compliant Label 1000 Count

    Dispensary Necessities is also your source for all varieties of warning and safety labels. Our California Prop 65 Emergency Regulation Warning Label features the required triangular yellow warning symbol and a text stating that certain chemicals known...

  • Colorado Warning Label for Medical THC 50 Count

    Colorado Warning Label for Medical THC 50 Count

    Ensure you’re compliant with the latest Colorado laws for medical herb packaging and labeling. Get this Colorado-compliant label specifically designed for buds for medical use. This label features the universal symbol with THC text, exclamation...

  • Colorado Warning Label for Recreational THC

    Colorado Warning Label for Recreational THC 50 Count

    Find the right compliance warning labels for your store here at Dispensary Necessities. This white with red symbol compliance sticker label is intended for use on recreational herbs sold in the state of Colorado. Designed with high-quality, easily...

  • Concentrate Label for All States

    Concentrate Label for All States 1000 Count

    With greater cannabinoid and terpene content, concentrates are undoubtedly very potent so extra care must be given in handling and storing such products. It is very important that stored concentrates must be properly labeled to avoid accidental ingestion...

  • Dank's 1.25" Rolling Papers Natural 25 Count

    Dank's 1.25" Rolling Papers Natural 25 Count

    A smooth and clean burn and an enjoyable smoking sesh – that’s what a Dank’s Rolling Paper promises. These 1.25-inch pre-rolled cones are made from 100% unbleached and ultra fine paper so expect it to be really clean-burning. The...

  • Jware Pre-Rolled Cones Mega Size

    Jware Pre-Rolled Cones Mega Size (280mm) 60 Count

    You wouldn’t believe party cones can be this insanely huge. JWare produced these Mega Size 2-Pack Pre-Rolled Cones so you can steal the show in an instant. These ultra-thin pre-rolled smoking cones come with a built-in filter and packing stick so...

  • Clear Sample Jar with Double Sifter 100ml

    Clear Sample Jar with Double Sifter 100ml

    Showcase your products in style by using different varieties of storage containers. Use this 100 ml  retail display jar with sifter and screw-on hinge lid when displaying buds and flowers. The sifter (with tiny holes in it) allows customers to get...

  • Clear Sample Jar with Sifter + Black Cap 30ml

    Clear Sample Jar with Sifter + Black Cap 30ml

    Looking for the right herb packaging for your product? You’ve come to the right place. Dispensary Necessities offered a wide variety of food-grade storage containers for buds and flowers and herb-infused goods. Take a look at this multipurpose...

  • Bud Bar Displays Xtractpod™ Display Jar

    Bud Bar Displays Xtractpod™ Display Jar

    When you need a high-end sample herb and extract holder that will truly attract customers, just go for Bud Bar Displays. The XtractPod, in particular, is a compact retail display unit that stylishly showcases your most coveted extracts.  This...

  • Bud Bar Displays Aroma E-Pod™ Display Jar

    Bud Bar Displays Aroma E-Pod™ Display Jar

    Outsell your competitors by going for creative product display. Use Bud Bar Displays’ Aroma e-Pod when showcasing those special strains and instantly win customers. This innovative and effective retail display jar engages customers across multiple...

  • Bud Bar Displays Bud Pod™ Display Jar

    Bud Bar Displays Bud Pod™ Display Jar

    We’ve been asked, “what’s the best retail display unit that can beautifully showcase buds without causing damage to trichomes?” Our answer, Bud Bar Displays’ Bud Pod.  This one-of-a-kind display unit is specially...

  • Bud Bar Displays Canna Pod Display Jar

    Bud Bar Displays Canna Pod™ Display Jar

    Increase your sales through this point-of-purchase display offered by Bud Bar Displays. The Canna-Pod is a retail display unit that’s compact, attractive, and is specifically designed for displaying medicinal and recreational herbs. Also known as a...

  • BIC Premium 3-Tier Wooden Display Shelf

    BIC Premium 3-Tier Wooden Display Shelf

    Give your bestselling lighters a premium spot in your store by using this neat and nifty 3-Tier Wooden Display from BIC. This retail display unit allows you to showcase an assortment of BIC lighters which, as you know, translates to better product...