Dispensary & Smoke Shop Supply

As your most reliable one-stop supply shop, Dispensary Necessities also offers smoke shop supplies at affordable wholesale pricing. We carry a wide range of the industry’s top brands and most wanted products at cost-effective prices.

Both big and small smoke shop retailers get their metal grinders, atomizers, vape cartridges, vaporizer pen kits, and other processing and handling supplies from us. We have what your customers need and want and we can supply you with products that sell fast. Among the most sought-after products we offer are button-less vaporizer cartridges in different sizes, colored metal grinders with catcher, and ceramic vaporizer kits. We also carry vaporizer pens and batteries from the well-respected Stay+Lit brand.

For your health conscious buyers, vaping herb is the way to go. Stock on vaporizers in various makes and models including metal, glass, and plastic and offer them plenty of choices. We have the right tools for vaporizing buds and vaporizing oils. Wax and dry herb atomizers, replacement coils, dabbing tools, and child-resistant vape cartridge containers are also included in our inventory of quality smoke shop supplies.

Also available are simple and multi-chamber grinders that can effectively break buds up into smaller pieces to fit in rolling papers and blunt wraps and deliver a smoother smoke. The well-loved Santa Cruz Shredder with “teeth” that won’t dull and release flakes are available here.

At Dispensary Necessities, you can likewise find ultra-thin papers for smoking tobacco and herbs. Our rolling papers are available in many different shapes and sizes to accommodate every smoker’s preference. From single wide papers to 110mm long king size papers, we have what you need to give your customers a perfect smoking experience. Quality blunt wraps from top brands like Cyclone, High Hemp, and Kingpin are also available. Vegan wraps, tobacco-free wraps, slow-burning wraps can also be bought here at Dispensary Necessities.

Take a look at what we have to offer and stock your store with enough high-quality and interesting products that will bring you more opportunities to upsell. Have the right assortment of smoke shop supplies and keep your customers browsing in store longer and making more impulse buys.

Dispensary Necessities aim to provide you with a full-service, support-oriented wholesale supplier experience. The latest and the greatest supplies in the herb market are right here and you can get them at reasonable prices. Order online and get your supplies quickly and conveniently. Purchase $200 worth of items and get free shipping!