Counters & Digital Scales

Dispensary Necessities is your one-stop shop for the finest dispensary supplies. Get pouches, smell proof bags, glass jars, pop top bottles, dropper bottles, exit bags, and more at the lowest prices when you shop online at Dispensary Necessities.

We’re ready to supply you with what your customers need for their cannabis medication and recreational adult use. Part of our growing inventory of dispensary supplies are durable and high quality digital scales and counters.

Digital scales are basically used to measure one’s stash of marijuana. There are various reasons for a consumer to do this; to identify how much one has grown, to ensure if what one has is within the allowable limit, to check if they get shorted, for sharing just the right amount of their stash to others, and for preparing edibles. But unlike the regular digital scales used in commerce, digital scales in the world of cannabis must be accurate to a tenth of a gram.

Dispensary Necessities has the right kind of digital scales for various applications. For dispensaries, we have high capacity marijuana scales that can weigh down to as little as 0.01 gram and up to 5500 grams. Such high capacity cannabis scale may include a liquid leveling indicator and can read in 7 modes. Also available are smaller digital scales for personal use. These digital scales use AAA batteries and are handy enough to fit in one’s pocket.

We are proud to carry quality scales and scale accessories from trusted brands like MyWeigh and Proscale. Scales from these brands are manufactured with high quality parts so you’re guaranteed of durability and precision. Scale calibration weights used for recalibration of weighing devices are also available at Dispensary Necessities.

Also included in our line-up of dispensary supplies are digital money counter machines, cash boxes, currency straps, and rubber bands to facilitate efficient cash management for dispensary owners. We can likewise supply your dispensary with counterfeit currency detectors that can identify fake bills and safeguard your business against fraud.

We are certain that you will find Dispensary Necessities’ simple yet accurate scales and reliable cash management tools to be helpful and useful in managing your dispensary business. You may also want to take advantage of our low-priced glass jars and bottles, concentrate containers, dropper bottles, smell-proof bags, prescription bags, and miscellaneous articles for storage, curing and display. Get all of your dispensary supplies from us and enjoy free shipping for your purchase of at least $250 worth of items.

  • #14 Rubber Bands - 1 Pound

    #14 Rubber Bands - 1 Pound

    Get a pound of elastic quality from our rubber bands made only of premium latex and rubber giving you durability at its finest. These Size #14 elastics can be bought in one pound bags that are handy and easy to store, readily accessed for your...

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  • #16 Rubber bands - 1 Pound

    #16 Rubber Bands - 1 Pound

    Let our top quality rubber bands remind you of how useful these flexible things are especially in your smoke shop or if you have any dispensary needs. This one pound package is filled with bands made of high quality rubber and the finest silicone...

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  • '$500' Currency Straps - 1000 Count - 100 Bills

    '$500' Currency Straps - 1000 Count - 100 Bills

    Put your worries to rest and say goodbye to stressful days of handling money in a cash-only operated business with our $500 cash bands. You would not know how important these are until you lose money in transactions or experience inaccuracy with your...

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  • '$2000' Currency Straps

    '$2000' Currency Straps - 1000 Count - 25 Bills

    These $2,000 cash bands can really be useful for your business that runs on cash-only transactions. It lets you sort, classify, and systematize your bills without fear of missing count or having inaccurate cash register count at the end of the day. It...

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  • '$1000' Currency Straps

    '$1000' Currency Straps - 1000 Count - 25 Bills

    As your business grows in a cash-run industry, you should also grow in terms of your organization skills! Don’t stash the cash without order because it can be a cause of inconsistency when it comes to your day-end cash register tally. Nobody wants...

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  • '$500' Currency Straps

    '$500' Currency Straps - 1000 Count - 25 Bills

    When business is booming, you also need to level up your monetary transactions especially in a cash-only industry. How do you do it? We have the answer. Our $500 money straps will be your key in organizing those $500 bills in bundles. Using a sturdy...

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  • '$250' Currency Straps

    '$250' Currency Straps - 1000 Count - 25 Bills

    If your business runs and transacts on cash, one of the preventive measures you can do to avoid cash register count discrepancies is to use currency straps. Our $250 cash straps are reliable items that can help you organize your way of storing and...

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  • '$100' Currency Straps

    '$100' Currency Straps - 1000 Count - 25 Bills

    Introducing our $100 currency straps - a gift for your peace of mind when it comes to storing and handling money in your business that operates mainly on cash. Dealing with cash is not easy and your busy schedule might get you into trouble of producing...

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  • '$25' Currency Straps - 25 Bill Capacity

    '$25' Currency Straps - 1000 Count - 25 Bills

    A business in a cash-only industry means you would have to be more mindful about handling and sorting your hard-earned cash. We have the dispensary solution you need. We have these $25 cash straps that will keep your bills intact and organized without...

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  • 15" x 10.5" Steel Cash Box

    15" x 10.5" Steel Cash Box

    Protecting your profit earnings should be paramount in any business especially if you regularly transact with cash. One dispensary necessity you should own is a heavy-duty 15” x 10.5” Steel Cash Box! This is not your ordinary cash storage...

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  • Vinyl Bank Deposit Black Bag 10" x 8"

    Vinyl Bank Deposit Black Bag 10" x 8"

    Trips to the bank to deposit your money should never be messy as you cash might get lost during transit that means you need all the help you can get from this Vinyl Bank Deposit Black Bag 10” x 8.”  This bag is especially designed to...

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  • Currency Coin & Counterfeit Detector

    Currency Coin & Counterfeit Detector

    Doing business opens you to fraud and sometimes negligence when it comes to money transactions. If you are not keen on identifying real from fake money, even credit cards then you definitely need a Currency Coin & Counterfeit Detector. If there are...

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  • Counterfeit Detector Pen

    MMF Industries

    Counterfeit Detector Pen - 1 Unit

    Being always on-the-go shouldn’t stop you from protecting yourself from counterfeit currencies, forged checks, and other fraudulent transactions. For added protection for your business profits, you can use our Counterfeit Detector Pen. This is not...

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  • 1000 Gram Scale Calibration Weight

    1000 Gram Scale Calibration Weight

    Accuracy is important in business especially if your products are measurable goods. You can’t just rely on substandard weighing scales to measure the goods you trade. Now you won’t have to think much, you just have to get this 1,000 Gram...

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  • 500 Gram Scale Calibration Weight

    500 Gram Scale Calibration Weight

    If you are one of those who always had second thoughts about their weighing scales then we’ve got some solution for you. Here’s the 500 Gram Scale Calibration Weight to erase your doubts and feed your need for accuracy when it comes to your...

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