Concentrate Containers

Are you storing your marijuana concentrates properly?  The incredibly potent cannabis concentrate comes with an extraordinarily high THC content, and a higher price too, hence it must be stored in the right kind of packaging to preserve its potency and shelf life.

If you are looking for the right storage container for your cannabis concentrates, you’ve come to the right place. Dispensary Necessities has every kind of cannabis concentrate container to suit your needs.

We have containers for storing kief or dry sift, wax, hash, CO2 oil, Rick Simpson Oil, and tinctures. Our cannabis containers are guaranteed to protect your cannabis product from exposure to air, heat, and humidity. Designed to preserve the flavor and aroma of concentrates, Dispensary Necessities’ concentrate containers are made from high grade materials and come with airtight sealing lids. We have glass concentrate containers, silicone containers, and plastic containers made from high-grade polypropylene plastic. Different sealing lids are available including swivel lids, screw lids, hinged lids, twist off caps, and child-resistant push & turn caps. Our cannabis concentrate containers are likewise available in different sizes to suit your storage needs.

When storing shatters and waxes for a short period, we recommend wrapping them in unbleached parchment paper and placing in small silicone containers.  For long-term storage, separate out portions then wrap them in parchment paper to be stored in airtight containers. For concentrates that are too sticky or fluid for parchment paper, our glass concentrate containers are the perfect choice.

The concentrate containers from Dispensary Necessities are also great in packaging marijuana concentrates in a visually-appealing manner. We have clear, no-neck, leak-proof glass containers designed to be durable yet light, compact, and attractive. We have wax containers made from high grade non-stick silicone that promises no-mess and convenient access.  Ultra thick, double-walled containers for storing medicated cannabis concentrates are also available. Child-resistant shatter boxes  in sleek designs are also available. Dispensary Necessities also offers eco-friendly, washable and reusable cannabis concentrate containers.

For patients vaping medical marijuana, we have vape pens, buttonless vaporizer cartridges, and vape coils.

As your one-stop shop for your needs in running your medical marijuana dispensary, we’ve got all of your packaging needs covered. At Dispensary Necessities, you can also buy micro tube seed containers, shatter concentrate envelopes, parchment papers, and non-stick Teflon sheets. The must-have e-cigarette oil droppers are also available at wholesale prices.

Our concentrate containers are thoughtful, innovative and premium in quality but the costs remain affordable. 

  • Glass Concentrate Container - 7ML

    Glass Concentrate Container - 7ML

    With a generous capacity of 7ml, this concentrate glass jar is ideal for storing wax, shatter, crumble or oil. This dab container is made from thick, high quality glass so it can surely keep the contents protected from excess air, humidity, and mold...

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  • 10ML Oral Concentrates Syringes

    10ML Oral Concentrates Syringes - 100 Count

    These dosing syringes are loved for their durability, ease of use, and affordability. They work as they should and have helped many patients in accurately measuring liquid medication. Made from quality plastic, this needle-less syringe makes it...

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  • 5ML Oral Concentrates Syringes

    5ML Oral Concentrates Syringes - 100 Count

    For sure you know the importance of proper dosing in administering very potent cannabis concentrates, right? And to accurately and precisely provide liquid cannabis medication to patients, a reliable syringe with easy to read units of measure is...

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  • 3 ML Oral Concentrates Syringes

    3ML Oral Concentrates Syringes - 100 Count

    A syringe sure doesn’t look like your usual oil concentrate container but it can function like one and promise accurate dosing and negligible loss of oil. Load this 3ml clear syringe with cannabis oil medication and it will be ready for measured...

    $28.63 $24.11
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  • 1ML Oral Concentrates Syringes

    1ML Oral Concentrates Syringes - 100 Count

    Reduce the risk of dosing errors by using a syringe when dispensing liquid cannabis medication. This syringe has a 1 ml capacity with graduations marked in increments of 0.1 ml.  The dose markings are easy to read even when filled with dark liquids...

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  • Luer Lock Caps

    Luer Lock Caps - 100 Units

    Prevent concentrates inside the syringe from drying and leaking by using these Luer Lock Caps. Designed for industrial use, these are durable caps that provide a locked seal around the syringe fitting. Use these tip caps to prevent contamination of...

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  • 1.5" Luer Lock Syringe Tips

    1.5 Inch Luer Lock Syringe Tips - 100 Count

    Use this blunt syringe tip together with our luer lock syringe to conveniently and accurately dispense cannabis concentrates. These industrial-grade 14 gauge syringe tips also facilitate careful application of fine, medical cannabis concentrates onto...

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  • 0.5" Luer Lock Syringe Tips

    0.5 Inch Luer Lock Syringe Tips - 100 Count

    An essential piece in a dabber’s kit: this syringe tip makes dab application quicker and more convenient. Transferring medicated concentrate from a container to a dab tool will be less messy if you use a syringe with this applicator. What’s...

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  • 1ml Luer Lock Syringe

    1ml Luer Lock Syringe - 100 Count

    This favored 1ml Luer Lock Syringe makes applying extracts to your preferred dabbing device simple, controlled, and mess-free. Perfect for your dabbing needs, this syringe is designed with Luer Lock threaded end so you’re assured of a leak-proof...

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  • 1ML Blister Packaging for Syringes

    1ML Blister Packaging For Syringes - No Insert

    Safely display and professionally package syringes by using this simple, easy-to-use blister packaging. This particular packaging option is a 2-piece hybrid clamshell blister pack with a pre-molded, thermoformed full face seal blister and a flat plastic...

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  • 1ML Glass Dab Applicator Syringes

    1ML Glass Dab Applicator Syringes

    Regarded as an indispensable dab application tool, this glass syringe doses small quantities of liquid concentrate without mess and dispenses it without wastage. This glass concentrate syringe features medical-grade craftsmanship. Made from durable,...

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  • Dablicators

    Dablicators - 100 Units

    Medicating on the go has never been easier! This pen-like tool allows users to safely store 1.4ml worth of liquid concentrate and consume it up to the last drop. No wasted medicine and definitely no mess when you use this ingenious direct dabbing tool...

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  • Pop Top Concentrate Containers 5ML - Clear

    Pop Top Concentrate Container 5ML - Clear

    Package concentrates in these low-cost yet well-designed pop top concentrate containers. Each vial can hold 5ml worth of concentrates. Made from medical-grade polypropylene plastic, this clear 5ml pop top container is durable, recyclable, airtight and...

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  • Plastic Screw Top Concentrate Containers 15ML

    Plastic Screw Top Concentrate Container 15ML

    Store up to four grams of cannabis medication in our 15ml Plastic Screw Top Concentrate Container. Crafted from food-grade plastic, with airtight screw top lid, this container ensures that contents are kept protected from harmful elements that can affect...

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