Here are the Oregon compliant labels that can help keep your business running.

Use these cost-effective sticker labels designed with warning and/or universal symbol to meet the strict packaging and labeling regulations for medical and recreational herb products sold in the state of Oregon.

Packaging and Labeling Requirements

The Oregon Liquor Control Commission (OLCC) requires herb products to be contained in sealed and durable receptacles that can protect the product from contamination. Such packaging must come with state-approved labels which mean labels or texts without untruthful or misleading statements and without graphic design that’s attractive to minors (cartoons, comically-exaggerated features, designs similar to products marketed to children, etc.). The required text information must be in English and typed or printed in legible font.

All herb containers, regardless of style and size, must be properly labeled. The principal panel, or the front part of the packaging commonly displayed, presented or shown during sale or on shelf display, must contain a written or printed information about the product’s identity (usual name of the product) and net weight or volume, plus the Oregon universal symbol.

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Oregon Universal Symbol & Medical Grade Symbol

The universal symbol, which was created by the Oregon Health Authority, features the white herb leaf graphic against a red background and a white exclamation point against a black background. This universal symbol must appear as it is and cannot be changed or altered.

For herb products for medical use, the medical grade symbol must be included in addition to the universal symbol. The medical grade symbol is used only by OLCC licensees that manufacture concentrates and extracts with higher concentration of the herb’s principal psychoactive ingredient.

Other Labeling Requirements

Market your product in a more professional manner by including additional information about activation time, your business registration number, date of harvest, name of strain, and the recommended serving size. Note that there are additional specific labeling requirements on every herb product type (topical, edibles, concentrates, etc.).

You may also want to use our children safety awareness card that’s specifically designed to remind parents and adults to keep herb products out of sight and out of reach of children.

For standard labels, you can use our generic warning labels printed with Oregon’s universal symbol.

Meeting Oregon State’s packaging and labeling requirements is critical to your business’ success. Let us help you remain compliant through these cost-effective sticker warning labels available in rolls of 1,000 stickers.