When your customers enter a dispensary, your knowledgeable budtender can help your clients choose the right strain for their qualifying medical condition. Your staff may likewise provide advice on the recommended dose, the best method of administration, and the suggested frequency of use. But what happens after customers have made their purchase and they head home? Where can they refer to if they wish to regain access to the information provided at the dispensary?

This is what LABELS are for. The labels on medications feature plenty of relevant information to help patients and consumers get the best herb treatment experience.   Labels are necessary to ensure that there is a clear communication about the contents, purpose and proper use of a medicine to protect the consumer’s health and safety.

Pay attention to the labels you put in your products and ensure that they are helpful in keeping your customers safe and informed.

Dispensary Necessities offers the following compliant labels to be included in herb medication sold in the state of Michigan. Several options are available for you to choose from.


Released by the Michigan Department of Licensing and Regulatory Affairs (LARA) is the official symbol to be used in labeling herb medication sold in Michigan. The official symbol features an inverted triangle in green with the green herb leaf at the center and the black text “contains THC” on top. This warning label must be included on all medicinal herb products in addition to label information indicating potency levels and date of harvest. This symbol is used as warning for parents and new patients about products made from or containing the controversial herb.

Dispensary Necessities offer this label in two sizes to accommodate different packaging dimensions.


This is a larger warning label with a long text reminder about the safe use of herb medication plus detailed information about the product strain and weight. This Michigan compliant warning label comes with and without the official symbol.

These cost-effective labels come in matte finish, with easy peel-and-stick adhesive side for quicker labeling. Using these labels will also make your products easy to identify. Professionally designed, use these compliant warning labels to share important product information and demonstrate the care you put into your business.

Just carefully follow the rules in packaging and labeling flowers, concentrates and other medical herb products and see your dispensary thrive in this lucrative market.