Every product sold in Colorado has strict labeling and packaging requirements to follow. Even more stricter guidelines are set for adult-use and medical herb market and that’s justifiable given the conflicting state and federal laws. Impressively, Colorado’s MED has been outstanding in their work in establishing, maintaining and implementing the regulatory framework to allow the herb industry to flourish.

In Colorado, adult-use and medical products for retail market must be sold in resealable, child-resistant and non-transparent packaging. Labels must not contain cartoons or graphics that may appeal to children. What labels should include are the ingredients, nutritional information, potential allergens, manufacturer information, batch number, potency statement, expiration date, and dosing instructions. These are necessary to safely store products, to protect children and unsuspecting adults from accidental ingestion, and to ensure safe consumption.

The sticker labels offered at Dispensary Necessities makes it easy for you to comply with Colorado’s packaging and labeling requirements. We have the Universal Symbol Label for all types of medical and retail herb. This universal symbol is important in easily identifying products with a psychoactive component. This standardized diamond symbol also streamlines the public message about safe and responsible herb consumption.

Also available at Dispensary Necessities are peel-off Warning Statement stickers that you can add to your packaging together with your brand’s personalized label. This type of sticker label provides reminders to consumers about the risks of consuming flowers and herb-infused products.

The strict rules on labeling, from specific logos to text size, are there to help consumers become fully aware of what they’re buying. A responsible herb product manufacturer and retailer will promote safe and responsible herb use through compliance with the packaging and labeling rules set by the state.

Show your customers that you are a reliable, legit, and responsible retailer by only stocking products that are properly packaged and labeled.