Childproof ASTM Bags

When you need lab-certified, dispensary-approved, child-resistant packaging, just shop online at Dispensary Necessities.

Take a look at our childproof exit bags designed with a single zipper that has a dual lock mechanism. The bags feature a child-resistant lock at the top in the form of two zipper mechanisms. Two zipper seals are included to ensure freshness of the bag’s contents and to make it less easy for little inquisitive hands to open the bag.

Store and package medical in these high-quality bags that are easy for an adult to use yet difficult for a child to open.  These child-resistant packaging are re-sealable so you can reclose it after being initially opened and it will still give you the same degree of security as you first used it.   Our childproof bags are also smell-proof and light-resistant. They are available in different sizes, ranging from a small 3-inch bag to a large 12-inch bag, to suit your needs.   Our childproof bags also make transporting cannabis products more discreet as these bags come in opaque finish.  

Slide sealing bags childproof bags that we offer are ASTM (American Society for Testing and Materials) certified and CPSC (Consumer Product Safety Commission) tested.  They comply with the strictest cannabis use laws and are the preferred choice of inconspicuous cannabis smokers. Most users of these childproof bags also appreciate the bag’s generous storage capacity, especially its bottom gusset that adds depth to the bag.  This packaging option offers flexible storage of concentrate, edibles and dry herb.

Because our childproof bags are designed with layers of barrier film and coating to ensure that the cannabis’ aroma, freshness, and structure are preserved, you don’t have to worry about keeping cannabis products fresh and potent.

Child-resistant marijuana packaging solutions are important to avoid accidental ingestion. These child-proof containers will greatly reduce the dangerous risk of a child consuming. Our resealable childproof bag for storage ensures child-resistance through its slide sealing closure.

Child development studies say that children below 4 years old cannot perform two different actions simultaneously yet so the slide sealing bags opening method that these childproof bags requires will be a challenge for small kids to do. The World Health Organization confirmed in its 2008 report that the use of child-resistant packaging is effective in preventing child poisoning in the developed world.

Dispensary Necessities aims to supply you with packaging that not only protects products from damage and preserves it from deterioration but accounts for consumer education and health and safety issues. At Dispensary Necessities, you can find concentrate containers, jars, and exit bags with specially designed child-proof features.

Get child-proof exit bags and advocate for responsible use. Our childproof exit bags provide durable packaging to your product while meeting child-proof standards for locking and storage.  The bags come with a flat profile so they will take minimal space in your storage room.

Buy childproof bags in bulk at Dispensary Necessities and enjoy big savings. Also available are airtight jars, hinged lid containers, pop top bottles, dropper bottles and childproof push & turn vials. 

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