Child Resistant Packaging

We cannot deny the fact that accidents can still happen even if we take utmost precautions. Even with the very strict laws in safe storage and transport of legalized herb, reports on accidental ingestion and poisoning of children still arise. This only implies the importance of proper child resistant (CR) packaging and for consumers to observe, at all cost, this directive.

Dispensary Necessities supports safe and responsible herb use that’s why we have included the best child-resistant packaging supplies in our product inventory. Take a look at these compliant yet sleek-looking caps, exit bags, and containers and see that it is fairly easy and affordable to take an extra step in protecting children from unintended exposure to adult-use and medical herb.

CR Packaging Solutions

In this page are special packaging designed or constructed to be significantly hard for children under the age of five to open. The caps, containers and exit bags that we offer can only be opened by doing two dissimilar actions simultaneously: slide sealing bags.   Studies have confirmed children under 52 months old cannot perform two dexterous actions at once. This is why most child-safe packaging supplies are designed with a combination of motions like pressing and squeezing, lining up arrows and pushing and twisting.

These child-resistant packaging, although not completely child-proof, have saved lives. Advancements in technology have improved the reliability of these materials. Caps with child-resistant closures have been made easy for adults to use but not for little children. Yes, child-resistant but senior-friendly too. Slide sealing bags pouches have been designed in non-transparent finish to provide more function – to protect contents from damaging UV rays and to keep contents away from public eyes.

Meeting Child Resistant Regulations

Child-resistant packaging supplies are tested by American Society for Testing and Materials and are approved by Consumer Product Safety Commission. Make use of these CR packaging solutions, stay compliant and help the herb industry flourish.

Whenever a retailer or herb product manufacturer does not comply with laws and regulations, they end up hurting not just their business but the herb industry as a whole. For this controversial market to be taken seriously and recognized on equal footing with any other industry, everyone in the herb business community must strictly meet the terms set by the state. The use of child-resistant packaging is one of those regulations that must be complied with. Cutting corners can lead to penalties and risks of lawsuits.

So for everyone – the business, the whole herb industry, the end users and the community – to be on the safe side, use CR packaging. Keep herb products out of children’s reach and sight by packaging flowers, dry buds, concentrates, and edibles in proper child-resistant packaging. For cost-effective CR packaging supplies, you have Dispensary Necessities to count on.

Available are child-resistant shatter boxes in opaque black and clear finish, slide sealing exit bags, child-resistant vape cartridge containers, CR concentrate containers in different sizes, and black or white child-resistant lids for bottles of various capacities. Warning statement stickers and state-specific labels are likewise available.