CCELL® 0.5ml Glass Matte Black Soft Touch Disposable Base 100 Count

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Per Unit Price::
Glass, Stainless Steel
Clear, Matte Black
Per Box::
100 Units
CCELL® 0.5ml Glass Matte Black Soft Touch Disposable Base

Sleek vaporizer, fits in pockets, disposable, compact and convenient -everything one needs for a hassle-free vaping when on the go is present in this 0.5. Matte Black Soft Touch Glass Disposable Vape Pen Base from CCELL.

It has CCELL’s coil heating element that ensures even heating, no leakage, enhanced flavor, and better oil absorption. Compared with an ordinary atomizer, this one won’t give you a burnt taste or thin wisps with hardly recognizable flavor. Although disposable, this vape pen model from CCELL is designed to deliver unrivaled vapor performance so you can get the most out of your premium extracts.

Now it’s easy to have an enjoyable vaping experience when traveling thanks to CCELL’s disposable vaporizer units with cartridge and battery. The tank can hold 0.5ml of oil which translates to approximately a hundred puffs. Stock on these handy all-in-one vaporizer units and provide your customers with the most convenient and affordable way to vape their medication.

  • Capacity: 0.5 ml
  • Material: Glass and Stainless Steel
  • Color: Clear (glass) and Matte Black (steel)
  • Quantity per order:  100 units
  • Does not include mouthpiece
  • With disposable battery and cartridge