Black Vape Pen With USB And Stylus Pen

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Black Vape Pen With USB And Stylus Pen

One of our most popular handy vapes, this versatile stylus vape pen deserves all the attention it gets. Perfect for those who do not want to mess around with complicated technology and expensive devices, this product has the right balance of simplicity and style.

Basically, this pen is a battery that can be attached to an oil cartridge (sold separately) with 510 threading. Once the connection has been made, vaping can begin right away. No need to press a button, just pull and enjoy the vapor. Designed like a pen, this vaporizer allows users to consume their concentrates without attracting unwanted attention. We’ve yet to find a vape pen that can beat the portability and versatility of this slim stylus vape.

Lightweight, easy to carry around, can fit anywhere, and incredibly easy to use, this skinny vaporizer is a great option to get started with vaping.

  • Color: Black
  • Threading: Standard  510
  • Battery Capacity:  280 mAh
  • Quantity per order:  1
  • Includes standard USB charger
  • No buttons
  • Cartridge not included
  • Compatible with 510 oil cartridges