BIC Lighters Special Edition Refined Series 50 Count

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BIC Lighters Special Edition Refined Series

Luxurious lighters you can count on? That would be the lighters from BIC’s Special Edition Refined Series. These premium lighters are safe and reliable portable lighting devices that are meticulously inspected in at least 50 separate quality checks. Each BIC Electronic Lighter from the Refined Series is designed with push button ignition and a decorative exterior plastic covering featuring luxurious prints with black, brown and gold undertones.

Looking a lot cooler and classier than a usual lighter, these lighters from BIC will also last longer. These lighters can deliver up to 3,000 lights and you don’t have to worry about these getting wet. BIC lighters are made with the highest standard in quality and security so they are always safe to use and reliable. No wonder many choose BIC lighters for their survival kits.

Buy a Special Edition Refined Series bulk set now and get 50 BIC Lighters in various luxurious designs. Shop wholesale and get free shipping for orders $200 and up.

  • Use/Style: Lighter
  • Brand: BIC
  • Material: Plastic
  • Color/Design: Elegant Prints in Gold, Black and Brown Colors
  • Capacity: up to 3,000 lights per lighter                          
  • Quantity per order: 50
  • Child-Resistant