BIC Lighters Special Edition Prismatic Series 50 Count

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BIC Lighters Special Edition Prismatic Series

BIC Lighters are famous for their reliability and topnotch quality. Having undergone at least 50 quality inspections, BIC lighters definitely meet international safety standards for lighters. These handy lighting devices are also designed to be child-resistant through its flick-and-press lighting mechanism. Every BIC lighter is guaranteed to work as it should at all times and deliver twice the light compared to a full size lighter from a competitor brand. Expect up to 3,000 lights from each BIC lighter.

Aside from being well-made, these BIC lighters from the Special Edition Prismatic Series are also well-designed. The exterior decorative cover features interesting prints and patterns inspired by how a prism makes a rainbow of colors. Buy a bulk box and get 50 high-quality BIC lighters in different artistic and kaleidoscopic prints of animals and nature.

Also available in other special ediiton prints. Purchase at least $200 worth of smoke shop supplies and get free shipping.

  • Use/Style: Lighter
  • Brand: BIC
  • Material: Plastic
  • Color/Design: Assorted Colorful Prints and Kaleidoscope Patterns
  • Capacity: up to 3,000 lights per lighter                          
  • Quantity per order: 50
  • Child-Resistant
  • Made in USA