BIC Lighters Mini Classic 50 Count

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BIC Lighters Mini Classic

From America’s top lighter brand, these BIC Classic Mini Lighters are great little fire starters. Perfect for hiking, camping and backpacking trips as well as for lighting joints and even birthday candles, BIC mini lighters come in the right size and with the right amount of fluid. The mini lighters are specifically designed to be lightweight, compact and convenient to carry. Very handy to have, these tiny lighters are reliable fire starters great for all around use.

These lighters are manufactured under BIC’s meticulous quality control and are designed to be child-resistant. Passing more than 50 individual quality inspections during the manufacturing process, you can be assured that a BIC lighter is a top quality lighter you can always depend on. 

BIC Mini Lighters Classic come in different bright colors making them easy to find in the bottom of any bag.   Buy in bulk now and get 50 assorted mini lighters from BIC at a cheaper price. Assortment of colors may vary.

  • Use/Style:  Lighter
  • Brand:  BIC
  • Material: Plastic
  • Color/Design:  Assorted designs in mini size  
  • Quantity per order: 50
  • Child-Resistant
  • Made in USA