Best Sellers

  • Glass Concentrate Container - 5ML - Black Cap - 250 Count

    Find fun in easy storage with our glass concentrate containers made of sturdy glass structure and no-leak twist off caps which are available in black or white. This bestselling 5 ML medicine container is a perfect fit for a gram of concentrated...

  • Child Resistant Glass Concentrate Container - 5ML

    Child Resistant Glass Concentrate Container - 5ML

    This tiny but mighty container is a solid choice to keep concentrates clean, contaminant-free and away from children. It features a round, black, rigid plastic lid with foil liner for a truly secure seal and a push-and-turn closure as a childproofing...

  • 19 Dram Black CR Pop Top Bottle

    19 Dram Black CR Pop Top Bottle - 450 Count

    Where to store your caps? These 19 dram pop top bottles make excellent containers for medication. These child resistant vials are made from polypropylene plastic that’s versatile, durable, recyclable, BPA-free, and food-safe. It is designed with a...

  • 90 Dram Gold CR Pop Top Bottles

    More and more dispensaries are choosing these 90 Dram Pop Top Bottles in Opaque Gold as their go-to dispensary packaging. Why? One, it’s airtight and effective in keeping stored supplies fresh, potent and in perfect quality. Two, it comes with a...

  • Child Resistant Glass Concentrate Container - 9ML

    This strong and sturdy container is an excellent choice to keep concentrates fresh, potent, contaminant-free and inaccessible to children. It features a black plastic lid with ribbed external sides for a non-slip grip.  The cap is also designed with...

  • Glass Concentrate Container - 5ML - White Cap 250 Count

    Compact, airtight, and made from thick, superior quality glass, this concentrate container is a practical storage choice those who need to travel with their medication. Safely store up to a gram of concentrate in this crystal clear glass container with...

  • 13 Dram Black Pop Top Bottle

    13 Dram Black Pop Top Bottles - 630 Count

    These compliant and certified child resistant pop top bottles offer a convenient, stylish and safe way to display, sell and store flower. With a capacity of 13 dram, it can hold up to 2 grams of flower. These child resistant 13 Dram Kush Pop Top...

  • Plastic Screw Top Concentrate Containers Silicone 7ML

    This plastic concentrate container with silicone insert is a practical choice for those who carry several different kinds of dab, wax or shatter. Cost-effective, durable, handy, and leak-proof, you’ll get more than your money’s worth out of...

  • Plastic Screw Top Concentrate Containers Silicone 5ML

    Dabbers get a ton of these little plastic jars. This cost-effective plastic container with silicone insert is a perfect choice for extract packaging. It suits any type of concentrate, is handy, moisture-resistant and scent-proof. Nothing will go to waste...

  • Acrylic Screw Top Concentrate Containers 7ML

    This handy 7 ml plastic jar is a cost-effective concentrate packaging with durability that you can count on. Made for those on the go, this concentrate container won’t break as easily as glass and it is small enough to fit in the palm or in a small...