60 Dram White Opaque Child-Resistant Pop Top Bottles 150 Count

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Per Unit Price::
5.36” x 1.93”
Fits Up To 14 Grams
Opaque White
Per Box::
150 Units
60 Dram White Opaque Child-Resistant Pop Top Bottles 150 Count

Offering a convenient solution to herb storage, these pop tops are always a big hit in dispensaries.  

These 60 dram pop top bottles can fit 8 to 14 grams of herb medication and are airtight, moisture-resistant and odor-proof. These sturdy bottles are made from polypropylene plastic, a food-safe and flexible plastic that won’t leach harmful chemicals into your precious herb. These pop top bottles are also child-resistant which means these have a closure that will be difficult for children to open.

To open this bottle, firmly squeeze the sides or the portion near the mouth of the bottle. The audible “pop” is made by the vacuum seal indicating the quality and tolerance of this container. With this airtight herb packaging, you’ll be keeping medications fresh and away from the degrading effects of moisture and oxygen. This bottle’s opaque white finish is also helpful in keeping herb protected from damaging heat and UV rays. Order a box today and get it at a wholesale price!

  • Size: 60 Dram (fits up to 14 grams)
  • Material: Plastic
  • Color/Style: Opaque White
  • Quantity per order: 150 units per box
  • ASTM Approved
  • CPSC Child Resistant Certified