3oz CR Premium Flush Glass Jars - 150 Count

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Sold Separately
Per Box:
150 Units
Per Unit Price:
Up To 3.5 Gram Of Medication
2 Fluid Ounces Of Concentrate
Made From:
Flush Glass
3oz CR Premium Flush Glass Jars - 150 Count

Your stash deserves the best. Store your most precious strains in these sleek and stylish glass containers.

Crafted from thick Grade A glass, this little jar looks perfect, feels good on the hands, and offers more protection than plastic containers. It won’t leach chemicals into your product and does not have static that will pull off precious trichomes in buds. It comes in opaque black finish so you also do not have to worry about harmful UV rays turning your herb brittle due to heat damage.  This 2oz glass container’s opaque design also helps protect your privacy. Labels can easily be placed anywhere on the smooth, glossy sides of the jar or on top of the cap.

A unit comes with a black glass jar and a matching flush fit cap. One box contains 200 glass containers will only cost you $0.38 a piece when you order a box of 150 units.

  • Capacity: 2 fl.oz. (up to 3.5 grams)
  • Material:  Premium Glass
  • Quantity per order: 150 pieces per box
  • Flush cap - not included
  • Child-Resistant