30 Dram Reversible Cap Vial - Solid Lime

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Per Box:
190 Units
Per Unit Price:
Up To 7.5 Grams Of Medication
30 Dram Reversible Cap Vial - Solid Lime

These food-grade vials are designed to protect buds from being crushed and contaminated. A dual-purpose reversible cap serves to provide an airtight and moisture-resistant seal to preserve freshness of contents. The opaque finish allows for discretion while the lime green color makes it easy to find or identify. Whether these vials are used to package 7 grams of buds or to bundle small edibles, contents are guaranteed protected. These opaque 30 Dram jars are BPA-free and manufactured from food-grade polypropylene.

A quality container at a competitive price, these vials with reversible caps are very popular among dispensaries as well as makers of concentrates, edibles, and other herb products. The innovative reversible cap that provides a push and turn closure on one side and a screw-on closure on another is the winning feature of this container.

Sure to also be a hit among your customers, ensure you have a good stock of these 30 Dram lime green vials with reversible cap.

  • Size: 30 Dram
  • Capacity: Up to 7 grams of medication
  • Color: Lime Green
  • Quantity per box:   190 units
  • Reversible Cap
  • Airtight, Moisture Resistant, Odor Proof