1ml Glass Dab Applicator Syringes With Luer Lock

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Per Box:
100 Units
Made From:
Boroscilicate Glass
Heat Resistant, Airtight, Sterile & Medical Grade Materials

This glass syringe is designed to make dab application easy and mess-free. Crafted from hard borosilicate glass, this 1 ml Glass Dab Applicator Syringe with Luer Lock has outstanding heat resistance so you can put it directly on a hot nail and skip the use of a dabber or dab tool. Considering that the syringe is made from glass, you also do not need to worry about chemicals leaching into your fine concentrate.  Using this syringe also allows you to make the most of your concentrate purchase, too, because every last drop of oil is dispensed.

This three-part glass syringe has a barrel with high clarity, without graduations. The barrel and plunger rod are meticulously matched in production to ensure a leak-proof fit and a smooth action. The plunger slides smoothly in the syringe barrel and requires just the right amount of force to get a good control when drawing and dispensing liquids.

  • Size: 1 ml
  • Material: Borosilicate Glass
  • Color/Style: Clear Glass
  • Quantity per order: 100 units per case
  • Luer Lock Cap Included
  • Heat Resistant & Airtight
  • Sterile Packaged
  • Medical-Grade